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  Electronic Transformer
  UL 2161 DM/FL
  CE 20mA
  CE 40mA or higher
  General 20-30mA
  General 40mA or higher
  Built-in Dimmer,Flasher...
  Magnetic Neon Transformer
  General Type
  UL 2161
  European Type
  Electronic Ballast
  EBO HO Sign Ballast
  EBC Commercial Ballast
  Neon Tubing
  Neon Accessories
  Vacuum System
  Rare Gases
  HT Cable
  Electrode Cover
  Neon Tube Support
  Neon Testing Tools
  Glass Stopcock
  Burner & Hand Torch
  Microcomputer Timer Switch
Neon Miscellaneous
Tubing Cutter & Mixer
Tubing Cutter(NB-010)
   Quick cutting
   Replaceable diamond reamer
   Made in chrome
Mixing value
   Mix air and fuel gas
   Control air and fuel gas flow
   Easy installation and operation
Latex Tubing
Model Inner diameter Thick Length per kg
LT-001 16mm 2.5mm 5m/kg
LT-002 13mm 3mm 66m/kg
LT-003 8mm 2mm 20m/kg
LT-004 6mm 1.5mm 12m/kg
LT-005 3mm 1mm 6m/kg
Mica Sheet
Model Type Specification
MF-001 Big size 15x22cm
MF-002 Middle size 12x17cm
MF-003 Small size 9x13cm
Triple-distilled NeonPro
Packed in 0.25kg.
Glass bottles.
Vacuum Silicon Grease
Tie Thread
Plated zinc copper thread is
0.37mm diameter, used with tube supports.

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Neon Miscellaneous