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EBO Series Electronic High Output Sign Ballasts


Electronic Ballast Footage Chart

Total Lamp Footage Range(feet)

ACTION: 10 foot lamp only can be use EBO-4-10-40.

Meaning of Part Numbers:

High Output Rapid Start T8/T12 Lamps, 120v, 50/60Hz

PART NO. #of Lamps Footage Max. Open circuit
WT lbs Wiring
Max. length
of 1 lamp
Min. Max. Input Amp(A) Input Watt(W)
EBO-3-8-24 1 to 3 4 24 1.8 180 600 5 E1, E2 8
EBO-4-10-40 1 to 4 10 40 2.4 320 740 8 E3, E4 10
EBO-6-8-32 1 to 6 8 32 1.7 204 600 8 E5, E6 8
EBO-6-8-48 2 to 6 10 48 3.6 350 700 8 E7, E8 8
Wiring diagrams for EBO series electronic ballasts are simple, lamps are parallel wired, so if one burns out the others keep working.