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  Electronic Transformer
  UL 2161 DM/FL
  CE 20mA
  CE 40mA or higher
  General 20-30mA
  General 40mA or higher
  Built-in Dimmer,Flasher...
  Magnetic Neon Transformer
  General Type
  UL 2161
  European Type
  Electronic Ballast
  EBO HO Sign Ballast
  EBC Commercial Ballast
  Neon Tubing
  Neon Accessories
  Vacuum System
  Rare Gases
  HT Cable
  Electrode Cover
  Neon Tube Support
  Neon Testing Tools
  Glass Stopcock
  Burner & Hand Torch
  Microcomputer Timer Switch
Vacuum System
    The NeonPro vacuum system is designed for fabrication of high-quality neon tube or cold cathode tube.
- User friendly control panel.
- Metal body, avoiding damage when shipping.
- A full set of machine integrated with degassing system, bombarding system and gas filling system.
- Nonmagnetic stainless steel manifold, free of cracking problem, more durable and longer life.
- Equipped with high purity rare gas in metal bottle.
- High pumping speed and low noise.
- Equipped with air-cooling diffusion pump, high ultimate vacuum rate, clean and no pollution.
  Ultimate Vacuum of System   5×10-5Pa
  Ultimate Vacuum of Vacuum Pump   6กม10-2Pa, Pumping Speed: 6L/sec, Power: 650W
  Ultimate Vacuum of Diffusion Pump   5×10-5Pa, Pumping Speed: 60L/Sec, Power: 200W
  Gas Gauge Measurement range   0-25mba
  Rare Gas Bottle   Capacity: 1.4L, Pressure: 10 MPa, Purity: 99.999%
  Bombarding Rating   9000V, 12000V, 15000V, 18000V
  Power   220V, 2000W
Vacuum System